Housecall Auto Mechanics

HouseCall Auto Mechanics is a unique and very convenient service that performs most general auto repairs and maintenance at your location, whether that is your home or your job. At the present time with just two service trucks, the work area covered extends from Riverhead to Hauppauge in Suffolk County New York and also in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. HouseCall works generally by appointment but usually on short notice. Emergency road service is our specialty. For example if you went to the grocery store or the shopping mall and when you returned to your car you found the car would not start. Call HouseCall and we can usually get you going the same day and sometimes if the timing is right, we can come right away and meet you there. This of course can often eliminate the additional expense and the time to arrange for towing. When there is no emergency we can come on a day and time that will fit in with your busy way of life and just by the uniqueness of what we do, when it comes to dealing with service and maintenance on your car, this is as good as it gets.

Suffolk County Long Island - 631-387-2642

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina area - 843-310-3000