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There is no mechanic out there that will give you a better experience than myself (Housecall) both financially and with accuracy of no misdiagnosis and no mistakes and I show up. I am in the business 40 years and there are no bad stories out there about my work. One thing I ask though, please do not call me if the decision to fix your car is tied to who is the lowest bidder on the job. If you are going to call everyone on page 1 of Google results until you find someone to change your brake pads for $100 please skip calling me

Mobile Auto Mechanic Servicing Myrtle Beach, , Socastee, Murrells Inlet, Surfside,  and sometimes out of the area. I come to your home or job or roadside to repair your vehicle. "And if I cannot diagnose your problem I will not expect to be paid anything unless already agreed upon during my visit." Do not misunderstand this statement. I must be able to diagnose it. If I cannot tell you the cause of your problem because I just do not know how to find the cause, that is when I will give no bill. Otherwise, you will owe me for my hours. Never heard of any mechanic that would say that. You have to give money to someone to fix your car. After you see how I work you will not mind paying me of all people you ever had do work for you."

This is Simon

Sometimes I may forget to remain in contact with you. I get overwhelmed with calls, Shoot me a text to help me keep you on my radar. Lately in Myrtle Beach there is so many repair jobs that I will rarely promise a new job the same day to a person calling in the morning as I am likely booked.  But I may take a call in the mid afternoon and maybe consider doing a new job after I finish the job I am on.

Call  8 4 3 - 3 1 0 - 3 0 0 0    for Myrtle Beach

Quick Note:

The Rain is my only enemy. I can do some jobs in rain. Depends on what type of job. If its teaming rain Ill come when the rain lets up even if later the same day.


For those that want me for work on a Sunday: I selectively will work on a Sunday but the caveat is you MUST hire me for 6 hours from 12pm to 6pm ($600 cash) and you must already know what your vehicle needs and you must have already secured the parts. I just want to show up and replace your brakes or ball joints or whatever and you must book this ahead of time with a small deposit. I can advise you where to source the parts from to  save $.

 ​ASE Certified

  • 40 years experience - I am in the top 1% of skill level for mechanics

  • No surprises with big bill - full transparency

  • If I can't diagnose your problem even after hours of looking at it I will take 0 money

  • I carry garagekeepers liability insurance - a rarity among mobile mechanics

  • I am reliable and I show up ready to fix your vehicle

  • Visa, MC, AMEX (will add 2.62% for process fee), Cash, no checks, no payment plans, Venmo, CashApp, Zelle no fees on apps

  • And because it's just one guy that has 42 years of fixing a full cross section of brands and models and years. It's all me

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 Kevin did a GREAT job getting us back on the road on a recent trip to Myrtle Beach. I had just been to a wedding, and was checking into my room at the Hampton Inn before the reception...went out to leave, and the van would not shift into gear. I found Kevin on the web with 4-5 good ratings, so gave him a call. On the phone, Kevin determined that it was likely a broken transmission cable, so he said he would come down from N. Myrtle Beach to check it out. On the way, he decided to get the bushings he thought would fix the mess I was in, and from the time I called him at 5:00 p.m., it was about 5:45 when he arrived (with the parts). He got to the job immediately, verified his diagnosis on the phone, and went about making the repair. He was professional, and actually fun to hang around and not bother too much while he made the repair. He got me back on the road vs. a major pain that would have occurred had I needed to have the van towed and fixed elsewhere. Extremely reasonable price charged for the repair. Overall, a 5-Star quality guy, Many thanks!!

                                 Michael Rischbieter, Myrtle Beach


 Kevin came and fixed my rack and pinion power steering in just a few hours. He was very friendly and courteous, I have some automotive repair knowledge but suspension and steering are not in my wheelhouse. Kevin diagnosed the problem straight away and set to repairs immediately. His services did not cost me and arm or a leg either. If you have found yourself stranded at home and need assistance to get going again do yourself a favor and call Kevin.

                             Brian Baxley, Conway SC


 Housecall Auto Mechanics, provides quality professional work! Called Kevin, he's very knowledgeable and courteous. Arranged a schedule on my time, which was very convenient. Met me at my residence, wow, how easy is that! The repair was quick and complete. Kevin's and Housecall Auto Mechanics philosophy is were not satisfied until you are! Additionally, while performing a timing belt replacement, Kevin diagnosed a possible water pump problem and suggested a replacement. Since he was replacing my timing belt, it would be much easier to access and save me money in future labor costs. Thank you Kevin for being so proactive!

                                      David Free, Myrtle Beach


 Called him to change a starter I thought was bad. Had the part already but was having trouble removing the old one. He showed up, tested the starter (it was fine) and proceeded to trace the problem to its source. I would have been screwed without him. Highly professional, Best interaction with a mechanic EVER. Would highly recommend to anyone for anything auto related. A+++++++. If you have a car problem, CALL THIS MAN IMMEDIATELY! Can't say enough good things about him.

                                                 James Nicholls, Myrtle Beach


 Mr. Kevin was very prompt and thorough. He had my husband's truck fixed within hours of the part coming in. I would highly recommend him. Great job with a reasonable price. He even helped my husband fix his mirror. Thank you again Kevin!!!

                                                     Terri Swiderski, Myrtle Beach


 We had some car trouble recently and Kevin came to our rescue! It was very convenient to have him come to our condo. He was professional, prompt, and reliable. We highly recommend him.

                                                  Lisa Young, Myrtle Beach


 Kevin with Housecall Auto Mechanics did an excellent job on diagnosing and repairing a frozen u-joint on our 08 Dodge Ram 3500 dually. Two other shops could not figure it out. Kevin came out to my mom's, of which I was visiting in Conway, SC, on a Sunday no less, found the problem, went and got the part, while I went to lunch with mom. By the time we got back he had the project complete. I was shocked that he did NOT rake me over the coals on the price. Kevin is a fair honest mechanic, that is a rarity these days, and our trucking business takes us all over this country and with over 1,420,000 miles on this truck, we have seen a lot of mechanics. I hope Kevin continues to do well.

                                                                                                                                                                                              Andy Harley, Conway


New Year's Eve is not the time to have a car that won't start. Talked to Kevin. Too late in the day to fix before everything closed, but he came out on New Year's day and got me going. Glad to have this great service available.

      John Springthorpe


My wife and I recently vacationed in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. We drove our 2008 Saturn Vue there and arrived there on April 30, 2016. The day after we arrived, our steering on the vehicle failed as we pulled into a parking space, at a local restaurant. When we called Housecall Auto Mechanics, the owner and mechanic Kevin Huttenlocher, was able to get the steering working very quickly, and our car back on the road. He was also able to get the part needed for our air bag, stabilitrack, cruise control and other steering wheel electronics restored before we made the drive home, on Saturday May 8th. Sandie are I are very grateful and so thankful for the awesome job he did on our vehicle. We highly recommend his repair services if you are ever in Myrtle Beach and need your car fixed! He is very thorough, patient and professional and does not overcharge for this service.

              Scott Biggs, Myrtle Beach


What started as an informational call about a check engine light turned into almost an hour of fantastic customer service to help us diagnose and fix the problem. Our car ended up being so low on oil our engine almost seized and he walked us through step by step how to fix it without even seeing the car or receiving any payment! This guy took great care of us from the minute we called. Would definitely recommend!!

Jessica Balerna - Myrtle Beach

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