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Yes I know.... the button link said EMPLOYMENT but I need to be clear here. I am not looking to hire a mechanic as an employee. Housecall Auto Mechanics is looking to expand service in the Grand Strand area. If you are a good Class A technician that does not need a supervisor to "hold your hand" and you want to "be your own boss" while staying in the field that you love which is auto repair, then give Kevin a call at Housecall Auto Mechanics. He will show you how to have your own gig with a Housecall Auto Mechanics service truck route. This is not a request for an employee. This would be your very own gig and requires a small investment to get going with it. You will ditch that dead end mechanic job and never look back. You will experience 100% job security forever. You will never lose this gig unless you are a bad mechanic that causes repeated problems. And you will finally receive the compensation that you have long deserved but never achieved.

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